Phil's Endpoint

Feedback on my Dota videos


I made some Dota video in French available inĀ this playlist. You will find some guides about specific points of Dota. The filming experience was the occasion to understand some challenges of the video production, and I am not really happy about the result (quality wise). So I think I will start again from the beginning, making sure to focus on prodution. Finally, I will make French and English videos at the same time. I don’t want to give up on the French audiance, however I want to touch a lot of people with my knowledge. I think this is doable with my English level.



The Cluster Ranking


I have added a ranking system to The Cluster. Logged users are able to rate streams from 1 to 5 (included). The mean is displayed with all users ratings. I am not sure this is not buggy but we will see in time.

There is also a new save system for filtering. Using control groups similar to RTS games (SHIFT + Number), you can save your filters. If logged, It is persistent on server. The 0 key is a filter reset key.

Have Fun,